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New Zealands Online Accommodation Directory
Stocker Horticultural and Hydroponic Supplies Ltd
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New Zealands Online Accommodation Directory
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1 Matos Segedin Drive

Cambridge 3495
New Zealand

TELEPHONE: +64-7 827 9393
FACSIMILE: +64-7 827 9383

About Us services the horticultural industry, both in New Zealand and overseas, with the design and supply of hydroponic equipment and systems, whilst providing on-going advice in systems management. Situated in the heart of agricultural New Zealand, the rural location gives excellent freight links to all parts of New Zealand, with air or sea freight links for export to other countries. Woodhouse Family

The directors of the company are Wayne and Marilyn Woodhouse who purchased the company on the 1st of September 2004.

The other members of our team are -

Rosemary – is the shop manager and keeps everybody on their toes as well as keeping all the accounts in order. It is highly likely Rosemary will be the first person you talk to when you phone us for any orders or enquiries. Rosemary enjoys the engagement with customers and offers you a very efficient, friendly service. Her fingers are constantly on the pulse and she knows what, when and how when it comes to

Wayne – Owner/director – Wayne is the hands on owner and hydroponics knowledge centre for If you need to know anything about hydroponics then contact Wayne. He is also the consultant for more formal advice and evaluation.  He is able to come to your business and offer his advice and skills to you so you can maximise your hydroponics system or even design a brand new or system or modifications to an existing system.


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